My life dream is to build a space station. Not too impossible to do. Not too far out in my life time. It’s also my self-challenge.

Without the foresight to know how to get to space (let along construct something out there), I can’t do everything by myself. Instead, I will do areas that I believe will lead to making a space station as soon as possible. With IT skills, this is valuable for understanding, maintaining and living. While I am working towards such sustainment systems; other amateur groups such as Copenhagen Suborbitals are already building space ships, providing their designs free for anyone to use.

Project aims

300-500 km distance from Earth, Permanent residence, Long-term stay and Easy travel with Earth

Project areas

Construction: Can be modular, air bag or whatever’s wacky and works.

Protection: Radar (or stronger) and aerogel

Basic sustainment systems: Oxygen, pressure

Medium sustainment systems: Recycling air, toilet, exercise, etc

Long-term sustainment systems: Maximum recycle of everything (eg Fertilizer -> Growth -> Food -> Consumption -> Fertilizer)

Exit transport: A lifeboat back to Earth

Transport: The ship needs to travel at least 250 km up while carrying a live payload and playing some of the Symphony of Science: The Case for Mars’ and A Glorious Dawn

Current projects

Yaneh: The Yaneh project is an attempt to see if a maximum recycle system is possible.

For most parts, despite extensive research, even into areas that are way out of my depth (cosmic radiation, rocket science, construction, etc), I could not work on them due to lack of: capital, manpower and time. I had largely left it to other groups to develop with hopes that they can make it more economical. In the meantime, I would welcome information that would relate to building a space station!

Last update: 13th September 2010