Problems in pursuing funding for projects

Reading an article of $400m towards Australian research, I wondered what the process was like to apply for funding at the ARC. I found, from my basic research, that to be eligible for funding; one needs to have at least a post-doc and that itself is the ‘Early researcher’. The funding also wouldn’t go to groups or individual researchers but the institution which must be a university.

The high intellectual requirements continued to frustrate me, as I had looked at viable scholarships and internships, some which I would be interested in the results and further establish me as research. But with an IT undergraduate degree, I could only find that one place seemed to offer something. However the Credit GPA requirement dissuaded me back from applying due to my poor GPA. Since the start of the year, I have now dedicated my ability towards university work over private projects instead of following the assumption that I would only need a ‘piece of paper’.

Going back to research funding, I had several dilemmas:

  • I don’t know who to ask for advice. This caused me to make some bad decisions to proceed since I could not get feedback from others.
  • I don’t know how to get helpers. From a businessman: “Sure, you may get funding from others but remember that no one will want to work for nothing”
  • Lack of capital. From a preliminary analysis of some scientific projects, I came across a common issue, lack of capital.
  • My IT degree means I’m not considered. I’m doing IT because I am generally good with computers and it seems like a good profession. However, my projects require a broader area of knowledge and expertise such as ecology, physics, etc which I am readily absorbing. This puts me outside of the eligibility criteria of scholarships, internships, etc. For example this internship requires an undertaking of Materials Science and Engineering.

Due to several dilemmas, I find it quite difficult to attempt to pursue funding as an aspiring researcher on the academic side. However, for the business side, there is more potential for research funding and potential revenue from successful development. However, the business would be based on results, not open hopeful research. Alternatively there’s the government grants which I’m researching at the moment. One particular quiet project sticks out: “Healthy Soils for Sustainable Farms“.

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