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January 22, 2010

January Update. Politics, holiday, fun.

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Sometime in December, I decided to devote my energy to the politics project, this included not applying for any jobs for this period. This is due to high requirements for Yaneh project which is proving to be time-intensive to develop. But mostly it was "due Aug 2010 to April 2011, likely Sep-Oct 2010" according to this calculated piece. My political website will have a back-end of Joomla with several custom features manually added including slider to indicate party positions (eg Most For, Most Against or in between), specific electorate parties (You don't want to hear about the parties you're not voting for) and more.

Best estimate of completion? Mid-Late February hopefully.

More political links of interest:

Holiday fun

Otherwise, I've been swimming in my pool, playing some Puzzle Pirates occasionally. I hope you've been having fun too! Well, not much to add to bore you with so here's some fun links.

Came across some fun links: