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July 23, 2009

Yaneh Project

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  • Developed: 2005-Present
  • Location: Home
  • Type: Personal Project
  • Status: Currently coding


A project that has been largely a solo hobby project for me since Computer Graphics College. I have aspired to use a system that would tell me what exactly I could cook from my kitchen without going to the store.

Life Delays and Restart

After many months of in between breaks due to school, work and holidays. It was only sometime in 2008 that I've decided to make this project a reality. Following then, the project was surrounded in secrecy since I largely hoped to create a huge impact until late near release where my cookoholic sister showed me sites similar to my basic goals!

Reaction and Plan

However, the sites don't have certain ideals that I feel is necessary and not entirely beneficial. I plan to take advantage of this and become different. Unfortunately, due to the rapid nature and potential features this project may incorporate, I can not entirely or accurately list what Yaneh would have.

Web site: